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  • Sophie O' Carroll

5 Songs for Signing the Register

Signing the Register at your wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion. In a religious ceremony, couples are usually permitted to have one or two secular songs in their ceremony. Often couples choose to have these songs performed during the Signing of the Register. Lots of photos are taken during this moment, so sometimes two songs are required.

Here are 5 songs that are ideal during the Signing of the Register;

  1. Your Song: Whether it's the Elton John or Ellie Goulding version, this songs beautiful melody and lyrics makes it the perfect choice for Signing the Register. It is instantly recognisable and a classic choice that you can't go wrong with.

2. In My Life: This lesser- known Beatles' tune encapsulates all the right emotions for your wedding day. It is sentimental without being soppy. A lovely, classy choice.

3. What a Wonderful World: This Louis Armstrong hit is a great upbeat song with lyrics that are entirely appropriate for your Big Day. All your guests will be singing along.

4. How Long Will I Love You?: Ellie Goulding's hauntingly beautiful hit is a tear-jerking love song. It is a lovely gentle piece to have performed while you are Signing the Register.

5. All of Me: This John Legend classic is a very popular choice at weddings. A classic love song that will give your ceremony a modern feel.

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