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  • Sophie O' Carroll

Help! My Singer is Sick!

You have everything planned to perfection and are sitting back ready to enjoy your Big Day when you get a phone call from your singer; "I'm sick." Panic ensues. Will Aunty Mary have to get up and sing a few tunes? Will Spotify do the job? Don't panic. All singers will have a backup plan in case of illness. Unfortunately, singing is not like playing an instrument. If a singer is struck down with laryngitis or a throat infection, they may not physically be able to sing at all. Often, we can manage through a cold, although we may sound somewhat nasally. Being human, we can expect to catch a few colds or infections each year. Since the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, a common question I get asked by couples is "What will happen if you are sick on our wedding day?"

- Your singer will try their utmost to sing at your wedding. If they cancel, they will not be able to sing to any reasonable standard (laryngitis/strep throat) or may have to isolate (Covid-19).

- All singers will have contingency plans in place. It has happened to all of us that we have had to arrange a stand-in for a gig when we are unwell. Most singers will have a network of other professionals who they can call on to step in to perform at your wedding. Personally, my brother and sister are both singers. They would be my first port of call in an emergency, followed by several friends who are also professional singers.

-Most wedding repertoire is fairly standard, so chances are that a replacement singer will know most of the songs you have chosen. If there is something they don't know, they will try their best to learn it (although it could be short notice). Alternatively, the piece could be performed by the accompanist as an instrumental or good old Spotify could play the original.

- Don't worry about any increased costs. If a singer needs someone to replace them, the cost to you will remain the same, even if the replacement's rates are higher than your original singer's.

- This is your wedding day. No one wants to cause you any unnecessary stress or worry. It can be hugely disappointing when the wedding professional you booked cannot perform on the Big Day. They WILL NOT cancel for any reason other than genuine illness and they WILL sort you out with an alternative.

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