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Organising Your Music for a Church Wedding

If you are having a religious ceremony in a Catholic church, you might be wondering where to start with planning your music. Firstly, let's go through the layout and order of the ceremony and where you will need music.

- Processional (Walking Down the Aisle)

- Lighting of the Candles (usually a short piece of instrumental music)

- Psalm

- Offertory

- Sign of Peace

- Communion (sometimes two songs needed if a large wedding)

- Reflection (optional)

- Signing of Register (often two songs needed here)

- Recessional (Leaving the Church)

This means that you will need at minimum eight songs/pieces of music and at a maximum eleven.

Generally, all songs chosen need to be religious. Usually, the priest will allow at least one secular/popular song, more than likely at the signing of the register or as a recessional. Some priests will allow more than one and some may allow none. It is essential that you consult with your priest on your song choices well in advance of your wedding to make sure that they are happy with them.

So how do you go about actually deciding on music for your Big Day? Begin by asking your chosen wedding singer for their song list. This will be an extensive list of all the songs that they are prepared to perform at a wedding. Look through this list and pick out some songs that you like. If there is a specific song that you are keen on but don't see on their list, ask them if they would be in a position to learn it. Most singers will be happy to learn one or two new songs for your wedding once they have plenty of notice.

Selecting songs of varying speeds and moods can be a great way to keep your ceremony interesting and appealing. Create a playlist of your songs a play them in order to see if they work well together.

Finally, your wedding ceremony will be all the more personal if you choose music that has meaning to you as a couple.

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